Junior Leadership Team

Our Junior Leadership Team is our school council. One child from each class is elected through a strict and tense voting process after conducting a speech to their class. The children elected attend JLT meetings and hold class meetings, in which opinions and ideas across the school are shared. JLT members have the opportunity to share their ideas with the School Leadership Team. The JLT also are called upon to collect ideas for new opportunities and design ideas within the school environment. Our responsible team each have a lime green and purple tie, which make them easy to spot. They also have blazers to wear on formal occasions. Our current JLT members are:

Ava, Sophie and Rebecca
Noah, Oscar and Toby
Lily, Aisha and Ano
Chloe, Hermione and Jasmine

Quotes from previous JLT members
Aashiyana – I like the Ambassador roles because I enjoy making changes to the school that everyone can see.
Jessica M – I love my role because it’s a good way to help people in the school and it makes me feel proud.
Khushi M – My favourite ambassador role is just being part of this school! The school offers so many opportunities and one of them was letting Alice, Molly, Holly and me create the E-Safety club- one of my favourites! I feel very proud of myself and others around me who are proud about themselves!
Alice – I enjoy collecting house points as payment for doing roles that I really enjoy.