At SEJ we believe that through learning about different land formations and landscapes, we gain a better understanding about the different locations found around the world. We are able to identify the advantages and disadvantages about settlements, make informed judgements about how to support and prevent natural disasters and equip children with an intriguing mind to question, observe and evaluate the world around us. The appetising topics hook the children from the start, such as the ‘Frozen Kingdoms,’ in Year 6, and opportunities are created to develop the awe and wonder about the world around us such as making and observing exploding volcanoes in Year 3.

Geography lessons are interwoven using Cornerstones to incorporate the skills associated with human and physical geography including map-reading skills, building an inquisitive mind amongst children, enabling them to recall facts, make comparisons and identify differences about the world around them. Each geography topic begins with a ‘Big Question’ to enthuse and engage the children in the learning that is to follow. The following series of lessons are tailored to enable the children to answer the big question, which forms part of their assessment opportunity at the end of the topic. The children will have expanded their knowledge and understanding of the topic to be able to answer the big questions through written explanations, diagrams or presentations.

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