History Week May 2021

Year 3 had a fantastic week learning about the Romans. They kick started their journey back in time by researching the rotten Romans and their gruesome habits. They then jumped into character to re-enact a Roman battle. 

Year 4 have a had a fantastic week exploring the Viking world and learning about the Viking Gods. They also enjoyed re-enacting a Viking invasion. Dramatic expression was in abundance as the children adopted their character roles and perfected the Viking lifestyle brilliantly. It truly was a fully immersive and fantastic week of learning about the Vikings.  


Year 5 are still in de-Nile about history week coming to an end, but what a fantastic week it was!  The children transformed themselves into an Egyptian pharaoh focusing on the shapes, patterns and eye make-up that played a big part of Egyptian life. When it was time to get active, the children showed a great determination and perseverance in learning some Egyptian dance moves to form their own sequence. 


Year 6 have been learning all about Mexico and the Maya. Dressed in Mexican or Mayan themed attire, they explored this unique country, from its towering temples and stunning geography, to its intriguing history and fun festivals! While transported back to 250AD, Year 6 learnt about the Mayan way of life including home, diet, beliefs and inventions.