Year 4

The Year 4 team consists of three teachers – Miss Wong, Mrs Moody and Miss Hendrickson – who are assisted by Mrs Bird, Miss Scott, Mrs Warr, Mrs Bazes and Mrs Davidson. The Year 4 team is led by our assistant headteacher, Mrs Gibbs.

Our Year 4 team have very high expectations and are devoted to helping pupils achieve!  We endeavour to create a stimulating and inspiring learning environment to enable children to succeed. We strive to create an atmosphere where the children feel comfortable in accepting challenges and taking risks through an exciting and engaging approach. It is also our aim to reinforce the importance and application of our school values and our South End Signature.

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Year 4 updates

Welcome booklet

Please click here to access the ‘Welcome to Year 4’ booklet sent home at the start of the school year.

Project 1 information: Potions

Click here to view the intended learning journey of our Potions project.

Click here to view the knowledge organiser for our Potions project. 

I loved it when my teacher let me have a go at the Mentos and coke experiment.
Year 4 pupil
I liked Potion Day the most when we did lots of experiments. I liked it when we made the lava lamps. I now know about anaesthetics which I didn't know before and I liked learning all about solids, liquids and gases.
Year 4 pupil
I love art so I loved designing the potions bottles.
Year 4 pupil

Innovation Friday: Urban Pioneers


Friday 1st October: 

Year 4 were very excited to welcome parents back into the classrooms to share Innovation Friday with their children. The children looked back on their learning journey to light and shadows and used their knowledge to show how shadows are formed from different light sources. We created some fantastic artwork to represent this too. 

What a productive and fun-filled morning we had! Thank you to all the adults who joined us. 

Project 2 information: Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Click here to view the intended learning journey of our Burps, Bottoms and Bile project.

Click here to view the knowledge organiser for our Burps, Bottoms and Bile project.

Project 3 information: Ancient civilisations

Coming in January…

Project 4 information: Misty Mountain, Winding River

Coming in March…

Project 5 information: Blue abyss

Coming in June…