At South End Junior we assess rigorously to ensure we can identify any gaps in children’s learning which enables us to accurately plan engaging lessons to close these gaps. At the end of each assessment point (November, February, April & June) we formally assess the children and use this in conjunction with our knowledge of the children to record a decision that will either be Developing, Secure or Exceeding their year group’s expectations.

We use OTrack to record and analyse the data which we then use as a planning tool. We use a package called Symphony that is used to track children’s current understanding and areas of development, and these records are kept in children’s books. Every child has personal targets which may be lower than or higher than the national age related expectations and during our regular pupil progress meetings we will discuss what actions to take to ensure all children can meet their end of year targets.

We report to parents termly; twice at Parents’ Evening (in the autumn and spring terms) and then again at the end of the year. These reports advise whether the children are on track to achieve their end of year targets as well as reporting where they are in terms of age related expectations.

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