Doorways & Pathways (D&P)

Doorways and Pathways (D&P) combine the teaching and learning of history, geography, art, DT, music and dance.

English, maths and science are also brought to life through these doorways, as each theme lends itself well to exciting and creative learning opportunities in these subjects. At South End, if you enter into a D&P lesson, you are likely to see children taking on the role of detectives, historians, investigators, professors and many more!

Each term opens with a new and exciting ‘doorway into learning’. This is our opportunity to ‘unlock the learning’ for our children. This is launched in a variety of ways, providing our children with an interesting, and sometimes unexpected, opening to their pathway! Each year group area will be transformed to match each and every pathway, where the theme will scream at you from every wall (and sometimes, the ceiling too!). The children are encouraged to be independent learners at times too, and we encourage them to explore the topic for themselves at times.

Our ‘Pathway Pitstops’ are wonderful events where the adults responsible for our children are invited into school to share the learning journey with their loved ones at the end of each Doorway. Children are adults are thrown into invigorating activities that show off the learning that has taken place.

Our Learning Logs also provide opportunities to explore the D&P theme at home. We again encourage children to be creative and imaginative with their home learning, but also provide our children with initial ideas to work from. Many of our wonderful examples of home learning are displayed around the school, so keep an eye out for them!

Useful websites for D and P Home learning

My Space and Beyond
History of Rushden:
Mission to Mars:

Stepping Back
The Stone Age:
The Bronze Age:
The Romans:
The Tudors:

A Bright idea
Inventions and Machines:
The history of Automobiles:
The Shoe Industry:

Perfect Planet
The Rainforest:
Volcanoes and Earthquakes:

Going Green
Where does our food come from?

On the Move
Mayan Civilization: