The purpose of science in the Primary School is to enable the children to understand the world in which they live by showing them how to investigate it in a systematic fashion. The basic aims of our school in relation to the teaching and learning of science are as follows:

 * To provide an environment where children can predict, investigate, interpret their   results and communicate their findings using a wide range of equipment including ICT software and hardware.

 *To encourage the asking of questions about their environment and wherever possible find the solutions to these questions using both first hand and second hand sources.

* To incorporate skills required for scientific investigation into other areas of the curriculum.

* To provide interaction of different types including whole class work, group and individual work when and where possible during an investigation.

* To promote a lively interest and confidence in investigative work

* To develop a logical approach to problem solving

* To emphasise safety factors and the need for careful and correct handling of equipment and substances

Our long-term plan for science operates around a two-year cycle). This means that each area is visited twice during Key Stage 2. There are twelve areas shared amongst the four years. This gives each year group six topics to cover in six terms. The topics can be taught through a ‘creative Learning Journey’ unit or through a separate QCA unit.

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