Our Staff

Strategic Lead Team

Miss Gurdip Kaur- Headteacher

My role in our school is Headteacher. I hold overall responsibility for the school and ensure the vision of ‘Inspiring the learning journey’ is central in everything we do. I am extremely proud of South End Junior and feel privileged to lead such a wonderful and skilled team. However, most of all I absolutely love the children in our school. They are just brilliant and take so much joy in being part of SEJ.
I am the Designated Lead person for Safeguarding and monitor the attendance of all pupils. The children see me in classrooms regularly as I observe lessons, and focus on improving Teaching and Learning across the school. I am on duty every day to ensure I have regular contact with parents and carers too. See you at the gate!

Mrs Jo Simmons- School Business Manager

My name is Jo Simmons and I am the School Business Manager here at South End Junior School. My role involves Finance, Personnel, Health & Safety and Premises. On a day to day basis you will find me setting and monitoring the school budget to ensure that we can afford all the wonderful things within our school, recruiting new staff and making sure they are paid properly!

I work closely with the Site Manager to ensure that our site and building are not only safe but also well maintained. I aim to ensure that the school makes the best use of all its resources and behind the scenes I make sure that the school complies with various statutory obligations. 

Mrs Lisa Gibbs- Assistant Headteacher

I joined the SEJ family in January 2015 as a Director of Learning and have been lucky enough to progress to Assistant Headteacher. I am privileged to lead and support dedicated and highly-skilled teaching and support staff with the shared aim of raising achievement for all. I strongly believe that providing children with the life skills to think, learn and problem solve independently are of paramount importance; therefore these are at the heart of all decisions I make.

My foremost responsibility is leading the amazing Year 6 team of pupils and staff, but am I also the lead in collecting and analysing whole school pupil data. This entails guiding staff to ensure each and every child reaches their personal goals in core subjects. In addition, I provide strategic support in the ‘My World and Beyond’ POD team at SEJ to make certain the development of these subject areas matches the needs of the pupils and the school.

Miss Laura Bateman: Assistant Headteacher

I am delighted to be joining the South End team as Assistant Headteacher. I am responsible for leading the fantastic teaching team in the Lower Hub. As Director of learning in year 3, my role includes making sure that children settle in quickly so that their SEJ learning journey can begin.

My main goal is to support staff with developing every child’s love of learning so that they can be the best that they can be. I will spend lots of time in classrooms, supporting teachers and ensuring that children’s learning is as exciting and memorable as possible. I will also ensure that all pupils are on track to reach their full potential by monitoring data closely and targeting key areas to accelerate progress.

I love the creative and stimulating learning spaces that SEJ offers and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

Mrs Suzanne Lewis- Director of Teaching and Learning

As the Director of Teaching and Learning at South End Junior School I have the pleasure of working closely with all staff and pupils. It is an extremely rewarding role that enables me to spend time in my favourite place ‘The Learning Base’ (the classroom for those who are unfamiliar with our school). My passion for teaching is enhanced by supporting others to develop their skills.

This year I will be leading the Communication and Arts POD. As a team we focus on developing English, Reading, Art and Music.

I am also the class teacher for Lewis class and the Director of Learning for year 4. I continue to love my job as each new day brings new challenges, new learning (for myself and the pupils) and no two days are ever the same!

Miss Beki Hill- Director of Learning

My name is Miss Hill and I am based in Da Vinci in Year 5; I am also the Director of Learning for this year group. I love working in a school that is exciting and engaging for all children – there is always something new! I am also POD leader for the Innovation and Enterprise POD where we work on the development of teaching in maths, computing and languages at South End Junior School. My favourite subject is Maths (and I always look forward to planning our exciting World Maths Days), and I also love sharing new reads and books with pupils and staff alike! Outside of work I enjoy reading, going to the gym, visiting museums and playing with my cat – Aurora. I believe every child’s education should open doors to their future; therefore I aim to provide engaging, purposeful and exciting learning opportunities to ensure they are ready for the world. Teaching is my passion and I strive for all children to achieve their full potential.

Mrs Amy Izycky- Director of Inclusion

I joined SEJ in 2012 as a Director of Learning and I have been the Director of Inclusion since 2016. I enjoy working in a unique school where every day is different and every person strives to achieve their best for the children. I am passionate about ensuring all pupils reach their full potential through giving them the individual provision that they need. I am particularly interested in supporting the emotional needs of the pupils so that they feel happy and safe in school and can therefore learn to their full ability. My background is in Zoology and Ecology, so I love travelling to different environments around the world where there is lots of wildlife to see. I live in the countryside and enjoy spending my free time outdoors with my family, either cycling,walking, kayaking or horse riding.


Mrs Katherine Jennings- Teacher

My name is Mrs Jennings and I teach Ayres class in year 3. I aim to make learning fun and exciting to help engage all the children at South End to give them the opportunity to thrive and succeed in their learning journey.

I enjoy being creative and so my classroom will always be bright, colourful and welcoming. My favourite subject is maths but I also love geography and music.

I also work hard with our Junior Leadership Team to make sure the school are taking on board the children’s thoughts and improving SEJ.

Miss Emily Buckley- Teacher

I am Miss Buckley and I absolutely love teaching in this school. This year will be my third year in Year 3 and it’s such a great year group to teach because I get to introduce the children to this wonderful school. I am the class teacher for Picasso class and I do love to act or have a little dance in my classroom so Picasso class, be prepared!

My main goal as a teacher is to make sure you are enjoying your learning journey in a memorable way. I really enjoy seeing children challenge themselves and having a go at tasks that they may be a bit nervous about attempting. I will encourage children to try and work together to overcome challenges before coming to me to develop their independence. Often children surprise themselves at what they can achieve by working together and challenging themselves. Definitely don’t be afraid of a challenge!

During my spare time I enjoy gardening, especially growing fruit and vegetables, as well as relaxing in the garden with a good book to read. I also have some chickens that love to run around or relax in the garden with me.

Miss Stephanie Wong- Teacher

My name is Stephanie Wong and I am really excited to join SEJ this year. I will be teaching Year 3 in Matisse and I am looking forward to creating a safe space for every learner to achieve their goals. I believe in equality and providing a chance for every student to succeed. My goal this year is to engage student with their learning through creativities lessons.

During my free time I enjoy calligraphy and painting so I hope to include art throughout my lessons and classroom. I also enjoy travelling learn about different cultures and trying out different food!

Mr Tom Morris- Teacher

My name is Mr Morris. I joined the South End family in September 2016 and teach the wonderful Rowling class in Year 4. Working at South End we offer the children opportunities to learn in a variety of ways and I love to be a part of that. Whilst here, my aim is to develop each child (academically, socially and emotionally) so they are ready to move on and progress along their learning journey. My favourite subjects to teach are maths and PE, but I do also enjoy getting creative in art lessons. I love my sports and will be found playing cricket during the summer months and have recently started cycling and playing futsal.

Miss Francesca Bowers- Teacher

My name is Miss Bowers and I am so excited to be joining South End Junior School this year as a Year 4 teacher in Dahl Class. This is my first year teaching after completing my PGCE and I am really looking forward to this new adventure! I am very creative and previously trained as a dance teacher, so I love to incorporate creativity into as many of my lessons as possible, using movement and dance whenever I can. I very much believe in catering for all learning styles, and ensuring that every child feels that they can express themselves and feel happy and comfortable in their learning. In my spare time, I love reading and baking.

Miss Bronwyn Ryan- Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Ryan. I am the teacher for Engelbart class. This will be my second year at South End and I am excited to see what the next year brings. My favourite subjects are science and art as they both have hands on elements.
I enjoy seeing children take on new challenges in their learning, especially seeing the delight on the children’s faces when it comes to those lightbulb moments.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy baking and taking my dog Luna for a walk. I also have 3 cats called Buttons, Oreo and Lotti who love to have cuddles.

Miss Kirsty Watt- Teacher

My name is Miss Watt and I am the teacher for Archimedes class this year. I’m excited to move up into the Upper Hub and continue the learning journey with a fantastic year group. South End is one of the most inspiring schools I know; nowhere else has a learning environment quite like it! I am looking forward to working in Year 5 – it is the year group I began my teaching career in and I think it is one of the best! My aim to make learning as exciting and creative as possible, ensuring children have memorable experiences during their time at school. Maths is one of my favourite subjects to teach but I love trying to be creative too! In my spare time, I enjoy reading (quite often books that I believe my class will enjoy) and baking. I can’t wait for another brilliant year at SEJ.

Miss Tegan Slater- Teacher

My name is Miss Slater and this year I will be working in year 6 with Einstein class. This is my first year at South End and I am looking forward to joining the team! I enjoy helping children to become the best they can be. My favourite subject is maths and I am looking forward to sharing the joy of maths with my class.

Miss Sara Batley- Teacher

Hi, my name is Miss Batley and I am new to South End Junior School this year. I am very excited to be starting my South End journey in Aristotle Class, in Year Six – this is a new challenge for me after working in Year Five at my previous school for four years. I am a firm believer in creativity in the classroom and I particularly enjoy teaching art and English.I am part of the POD: Communication and Arts and am very excited to get stuck in. I am looking forward to helping implement creativity further in English lessons through the use of Talk for Writing. I helped my previous school achieve their ‘Storytelling School’ status and I love using drama to develop the children’s understanding of a story.

Mrs Helen Moody- Teacher

I am very excited to be joining the fantastic South End team this year, where I will be based in Galileo class, in Year 6. I have been teaching for many years and love how each day in the classroom is always different – a place to learn, laugh and explore new things. My aim this year is to challenge, encourage and support everyone in Galileo so that they leave South End Junior School excited for the next challenge of secondary school, safe in the knowledge that they have fostered a love of learning and have made great memories to look back on.

This year, I will also be the POD Driver for the ‘My World and Beyond’ POD, which focuses on our curriculum subjects and on promoting a Growth Mindset across SEJ. I can’t wait to see how the amazing pupils of this school continue to challenge themselves and demonstrate how they can achieve anything, if they put their minds to it.

Outside of school, I love to read (hence, English is one of my favourite subjects) and, given a spare moment, I like to go running; there’s nothing like a long run to clear your head!

Support Staff

Mrs Nicky Bromwich- Associate Teacher

During my 20 year career of working in schools, I have acquired a degree in teaching and learning as well as much other knowledge linked to children and their families. Alongside my role as an Associate Teacher I have also trained as a family support worker and worked with a variety of children with an array of barriers to their learning.

I am passionate about children’s welfare and learning as this enables them to become emotionally intelligent adults. All children (I believe) deserve to grow-up with knowledge and confidence so that they can go off into the world and become whatever they wish to be.

Mrs Anna Webb- Associate Teacher

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Miss Alannah Brown- Sports & Fitness Lead

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Mrs Cerys Davidson- Teaching Assistant

Hi my name is Mrs Davidson and I am a Teaching Assistant and Pastoral Support here at SEJ, based across all year groups.

My role enables me to encourage and support the children on their learning journey through interventions and group tasks. I feel very privileged to help them reach their full potential.

I joined the team in September 2016 and feel very excited to be part of this unique and vibrant school.

Mrs Stacey Bird- Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Stacey Bird and I have been a part of the South End team since 2012. I am a Teaching Assistant currently working with year 3, however I have had experience in previous years working with all year groups.

I can be found looking after the Avenue two afternoons a week. 

Mrs Leanne Gardner- Teaching Assistant

Hi, I’ve been a Teaching Assistant at South End since 2006. I love being part of the South End family. I’ve supported students across all the school years, delivering interventions, small groups and general class support.

If you get a Golden Ticket through the post – come and find me and I’ll arrange your reward! 

Mrs Julie Scott- Teaching Assistant

My role is a TA in year 3. To assist the children in class and take small groups interventions such as read, write inc.  


Mrs Eileen Fett- Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Fett I am based in yr 5 and am looking forward to working with a new set of staff and children alike. I am the lead 1st aider for the school and can be found in the Nest at break times and lunchtimes. Let the new term commence!

Mrs Angela Ebb- Teaching Assistant

What can I say about a day in the life of a Teaching Assistant? It is varied, to say the least, and that is probably one of the reasons that I love being one!
My day usually starts with preparing the learning base for the arrival of the children. This can, and does, include tidying the classroom, collating resources and preparing displays.

Once the children arrive I work 1:1 with children in dyslexia interventions and for the rest of the school day mainly with small groups of children, either supporting them in their class lessons or reinforcing their learning in Read Write Inc or Speed Up sessions.

I see all aspects of my role as supporting every child within the SEJ family, whether it’s attending to a grazed knee (as a first aider), driving children to gymnastic competitions (I have a large car) or just sitting down to listen to them.
Every day presents something new!

Mrs Di Warr- Teaching Assistant

I have worked in primary schools for 8 years, initially as a parent helper, lunchtime supervisor and for 6 years as a special educational needs teaching assistant. I started at SEJS in January 2016.

I presently work in years 4 and 5 as a teaching assistant, supporting and encouraging children with their learning. I love the creative, friendly and dynamic environment this school offers. 

Mrs Trish Shortland- Teaching Assistant

My name is Mrs Shortland, I have been a Teaching Assistant for many years, in various settings. I am proud to be part of the South End Junior School team!
I love seeing the look on children’s faces when they ‘get it’, and helping them enjoy their learning.
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, and taking my dog for walks in the countryside.

Mrs Lucy Vincent- Teaching Assistant

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Mrs Sarah Pink- Teaching Assistant

My name is Miss Pink and I am one of the Year 5 teaching assistants based in the Engelbart class. I also run two after school maths clubs. I am very excited about being part of the South End Junior team and have been made to feel very welcome by the staff and children.

In my spare time I enjoy dog walking, art, pottery and reading. I also enjoy travelling and have been fortunate enough to have travelled to many amazing 

Mrs Lynn Curry- Teaching Assistant

I am a Teaching Assistant whose personal role by nature is diverse. Being approachable and available when children are anxious or needing reassurance is a big part of the day. As a team, both teachers and assistants work collaboratively to support children on an individual, group or whole class basis.

I support children who need extra help by taking them into designated areas for planned Intervention lessons. For others I act as a facilitator to advance their independent learning. Making teachers aware of any problems, preparing resources and putting up displays are but a few of each day’s responsibilities. Each day brings rewards and challenges making the job stimulating and satisfying.

Mrs Sharon Clugston- Teaching Assistant

I feel very fortunate to have a role within this amazing school. My job is to support children on a one-to-one basis, as well as work with small groups.

My aim is to give the children the extra help require to reach their full potential. I believe strongly that each child should be given the opportunity to do the best they can and I am passionate about making learning accessible and fun for all.

I especially love to see children motivated and enthused in their learning, and it gives me great satisfaction when they achieve their goals.

Mrs Julia York- Teaching Assistant

Hello. My name is Mrs York and I joined South End Junior School earlier this year. Currently, I’m a TA in year 6 and I work with groups of children within the classroom. I also give one-to-one support to children as they make their learning journey.
I thoroughly enjoy helping the children with their maths but I get especially excited when the subject is English. As a scientist I also like being able to expand and explore areas of the science curriculum with our students.

I love the supportive and friendly atmosphere within the school. This is a great place to be.

Mrs Sharon Fowler- Teaching Assistant

I have been a member of the Year 6 team for many years and assist in the preparation for the SATs tests. I work with children of all abilities, helping them with maths as this is a strength of mine.

Mrs Kirstie Dean- Teaching Assistant

I’m a teaching assistant and my role in the school is to support, encourage and inspire the children on their learning journey. I do this by supporting pupils in the classroom, as well as working with smaller groups of children and some children on a 1 to 1 basis.

I feel privileged to spend my time working with such wonderful children and enjoy watching their knowledge and confidence grow and develop. 

Mrs Kate Clark-Pastoral Support Worker

I have worked at SEJ for over 15 years now and have seen many changes during that time. My role has always been that of a teaching assistant, though for the past 4 years I have also undertaken some pastoral duties, which includes being accessible both at break and lunch playtimes to provide assistance when necessary.

I currently am based in Yr 6 in the mornings and all year groups in the afternoons.  

Miss Bethany Torrie- Teaching Assistant

Hi my name is Miss Torrie. I’m new to SEJ school this term. I am based in year 5, moving into year 6 for September 2019 as a 1:1 Teaching assistant. I recently have experience working within a special school for nearly 3 years prior.

Coming to a mainstream school has been a massive change for me, but the wonderful staff here have been so welcoming and have helped me start my journey here at SEJ. The school is amazing!. From the different opportunities to the support the children receive I am certain that this will stay with the students for a lifetime. I look forward to being part of your children’s journeys and watching them make gains to their individual paths and potentials.  

Mrs Cleo Bazes- Teaching Assistant

I feel very fortunate to have recently started my journey at South End Junior. Both my boys attend this amazing school so I’m aware of what great opportunities the school gives to each pupil. It’s great to see the children grow with confidence and feel inspired.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, cooking, reading and trying to keep fit!

The Admin Team

Mrs Lesley Diver- Administrator/PA to the Headeachers

Hello, my name is Mrs Diver and my role at South End Junior is that of Administrator/ PA to the Head Teachers. I began my South End journey in 2008, firstly as a teaching assistant and then as a HLTA ( higher level teaching assistant). My job title now is Administrator/PA and my role now is predominately to oversee all things pupil based and as we are a school full of pupils, I wear a lot of different hats! ie: admissions, intake, data and contact info, attendance reporting, photos, music lessons, meals, communication and leavers are just a few of my jobs.

I am also PA to all of our Headteachers and our Director of Inclusion, supporting them with the administrative part of their roles. I thoroughly enjoy my role at South End, being the link between parents, carers, our community and the school is what I consider to be a very important undertaking.

Miss Kelly Durham- Business Administrator

Hi, I am Kelly Durham and I have been at SEJ since January 2010. Before SEJ I worked in the hospitality industry; booking events, weddings, conferences and parties for people and ensuring they all ran smoothly.

I am a Business Administrator which means that alongside basic office duties, I assist Mrs Simmons with her mountains of paperwork and Mr Huck with his lettings and site paperwork. I am also responsible for making sure the VIP assembly presentation, certificates, books and tickets are written and sent out each time.

Another of my responsibilities is to make sure the school has enough supplies and I have spent long hours searching for the weird and wonderful things you may have seen around the school. My role is primarily IT based but many of you will have seen me when you pop into the office too.  

Mrs Louise Blair- Finance Administrator

Hello, my name is Mrs Louise Blair and I am the newest addition to the office team. I joined South End Junior School in March 2015 already being very familiar with the school, having two sons who spent many happy and fulfilled years here.

My current responsibilities are assisting with the schools finances as well as general office duties.

I am very much looking forward to spending my future years at this outstanding school.  

The Site and Premises Team

Mr Dave Huck- Site Manager

Hello, my name is Mr Huck and I have been working here since my family and I moved to the area in September 2009. I am the Director of Premises for both schools and I am also a school governor at SEJ. I have a very busy and very varied role within the school; typically my working day starts at 7am and sometimes I will still be working at 10pm.

As well as opening the school, maintaining the premises and grounds, liaising with many contractors and arranging rooms for our lettings in the evenings and weekend, I am also the lunchtime Lead and I organise the cleaning staff too. One of my favourite things about working at SEJ and the thing I am most proud of is the brilliant environment that I and Mr Langton have been integral in making possible. When I get the opportunity I love to go running and I am a big fan of athletics, I am also an events adjudicator for UK Athletics.

Mr Roger Langton- Deputy Site Manager

I am Mr Langton and I work alongside Mr Huck in the premises department at SEJ. I love the creativity at SEJ and am most proud of the schools achievements in having a unique learning environment. I have been in my role since 2009.

Mrs Natasha Beswick- Lunchtime Supervisor

My role within the school is to work as part of a team to supervise the children at lunchtimes. This involves interacting with the children and making sure that they are safe and happy.

As a team we ensure that lunchtimes run smoothly and that the children are ready for their afternoon lessons.

Mrs Clair Courtney- Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner

My name is Clair Courtney and I am married with two sons. I enjoy cooking, walking, reading and travel. I work as a Lunchtime Supervisor and a Cleaner.

Mrs Sheila Huck- Lunchtime Supervisor and Cleaner

I am Mrs Huck and I work in two different positions within SEJ; I work as a cleaner in Y3 after school and I come in every lunchtime as a supervisor in the Plaza or outside.

During lunchtimes, my colleagues and I take it in turns to do outdoor duty where we keep an eye on the children, help with friendship and behaviour issues and make sure all accidents are documented. I have been here since September 2009.

Mrs Kasia Rewer- Lunchtime Supervisor

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Mrs Julia Masters- Lunchtime Supervisor

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Mrs Michaela Isayeva- Lunchtime Supervisor

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Mrs Lucy Vincent- Lunchtime Supervisor

My name is Lucy Vincent and I have been part of the lunchtime team since November 2015. I work alongside the team in the Plaza or in the playground on a rota system.

My role is to ensure that all the children have a happy and safe lunchtime knowing that there is a friendly face that they can approach if a problem occurs.

Miss Susan Aspley- Cleaner

Miss Sophie Watts- Cleaner