Relationships & Sex Education (RSE)

As a school, we have decided to use the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work to help deliver RSE lessons across the school.

Jigsaw is a well known scheme which is being used by many schools across the county. It provides the school with the resources needed to teach the curriculum well. There are two parts to RSE which has to be taught in school:

1) Relationships – This area focuses on the relationships children have with other people, whether that be family, friends or pets. It also focuses on love, loss and how to be safe online and offline.

2) Changing me – This area focuses on how the body changes and develops as they get older. It looks at family, babies and how they develop as well as looking at body image.

Although RSE is statutory in schools, parents and carers are able to withdraw their child/ren from taking part in these lessons. To do so, we require a consultation with one of our Headteachers or the subject leader.

Year 3 unit overview
Year 4 unit overview
Year 5 unit overview
Year 6 unit overview