South End Junior School

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Golden Tickets/ VIP Rewards

Every fortnight each class teacher chooses one child from their class for a Golden Ticket for the following Friday.

A Golden Ticket is posted to the child’s home to surprise the child with their family.

An invitation for two guests is also included to attend the VIP Assembly the following Friday.

Golden Tickets are linked to efforts and achievements in learning.

WOW Awards

Winner Of the Week and Values Ambassador

WOW - Values Ambassador Each week (on a rota basis for year groups) two children are chosen for showing exemplary examples of our school values.  


The Merit Shop is always a popular place on a Monday break time! Children can visit the merit shop when they have achieved their bronze, silver, gold or platinum award. The Merit Shop is run by some very efficient JLT volunteers who give out prizes and keep it looking so tidy. It is also stocked regularly by our Head Boy and Head Girl who keep a very organised inventory and decide on which cupboard the prizes should go in. They also have great fun shopping to buy new items!

Some of the current items include... Diary of a Wimpy Kid book, David Walliams books, Match Attax football cards, minion and Star Wars accessories and many more...
Some of the up and coming items are emoji cushions, more David Walliams books, emoji stickers, Star Wars desk tidy and lots of stationery.

Attendance Awards

Every fortnight the attendance figures for each class are compiled and the highest attending class receive the award.

There is one award for Lower Hub and one for Upper Hub.

If there is more than one class with the same percentage attendance, then punctuality is used to decide the winning class.

House Points

House Award Team points are rewarded to children for positive reasons linked to learning, behaviour and school values.

Points are counted up fortnightly and the House cup is awarded to the winning house.

The cup is then displayed with the house ribbon for the following week in the Lounge.


Friday 7th December 2018

Congratulations to our Golden Ticket Winners

This time we celebrate the achievements of the following children for displaying wonderful academic achievements in line with our school values.

Lexie, Leonie, Sophia, Jack, Jake, Herbie, Cameron, Oliver, Dixie, Melodie, Rio, Thomas & Jordan

Congratulations to our WOW winners 

Well done to Florence & Mia

Attendance Award

And the class attendance winners are Matisse & Engelbart

Team Points




Ignite 349
Resolve 333
Excel 254
Connect 181



Outside School Achievements

Well done to everyone that has brought in trophies, certificates and medals for working hard out of school too. We are all very proud of you! 

FAB Friday!

Every Friday at South End Junior is FAB Friday! To be FAB you need to show you really are 'Fussy And Bothered' about your learning.  Miss Kaur & Mrs Gibbs welcome a child from every class, every week to share excellent examples of learning and celebrate them together. Let's celebrate this week's FAB Friday Frenzy...


Alex- FAB bar modelling in maths


Finley- FAB short multiplication


Harry- FAB presentation in maths


Chloe- FAB division in maths


Riely- FAB handwriting improvement


Joshua- FAB division with remainders


Lexi- For FAB handwriting


Madison- FAB creative writing


Victor- FAB creative writing


Joshua- FAB poppy art


Tobey- FAB presentation in English


Agi- FAB speech punctuation