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A look back on Mr Springett-McHugh's 8 years as Head Teacher

As I come to the end of my time as Head Teacher of the wonderful South End I have been reflecting on the past eight years. My time at South End has seen so many changes to the school both physically to the building and also to the ethos and culture which I have led. Many years ago Head Teachers would keep a school log. In this, they would jot down everything from special events, dates, names of staff and anything relevant to that period of time in the school life. Today, in many ways, this sadly does not really exist, mainly because we just wouldn't have the time! However, I wanted to log some of what we have achieved these last eight years and put choices and decisions into context. So why do we have a lime green tie? Why do we have a huge signature written on the gable wall? These and many other unique things that are now part of the SEJ culture I wanted to explain and be sure that for future generations they will be able to see the journey the school took under my leadership between 2009 and 2017.

I hope you will enjoy sharing these with your children and celebrate the great things we have at SEJ; the place you and your children call 'our school'. These can be saved into the school archives and you never know, your grandchildren may come home one day saying 'we were looking at these really old papers telling us what school was like in the old days when mum and dad were there'!

It has been a real honour to be Head Teacher of this school and picking out just a few of the things we have achieved in my time proves what an amazing place it is. I do hope you enjoy sharing them as much as I have had compiling them.