The school holds the silver TaMHS accreditation, and we are working closely with the Northamptonshire Mental Health Support Team.


Mental Health Support Teams (MHST) have been created to offer early intervention, low intensity, mental health support within schools for children and young people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties. The MHST will also support the Mental Health Lead in each education setting to introduce and develop their Whole School Approach. The MHST will also offer support and advice to education setting staff to identify the most appropriate services for their need and help liaise with other appropriate services.
The purpose of the MHST is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people and is driven by the Green Paper ‘Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision’ (www.gov.uk).
In Northamptonshire, we have two MHST, each team will consist of four trainee Education Mental Health Practitioners, one CBT Therapist/supervisor, one Mental Health Practitioner/supervisor. There will also be a full time administrative post and a MHST Clinical and Team Lead. The MHST will sit within CAMHS services within Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.
Your School Mental Health Lead is Amy Izycky  (aizycky@southend-jun.northants.sch.uk).
We use emotion coaching as a whole school approach to support behaviour and emotional regulation and every classroom has a sensory box with calming activities. All pupils have key adults they can talk to should they need to, and the Den is our sensory room where pastoral interventions take place. These include Protective Behaviours, Drawing and Talking, Lego Based Therapy, and Zones of Regulation. We actively support Mental Health Awareness Days. Pupils who need it have individual support plans. We openly talk about mental health, and we encourage children to do so. Our jigsaw curriculum has wider links to emotional wellbeing and mental health.