Our intent:

It is our intention when teaching the English curriculum that our pupils acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to become life-long learners and leave our school ‘secondary ready’.

English is a core subject of the National Curriculum and a pre-requisite for educational and social progress as it underpins the work undertaken in all areas of the curriculum. The acquisition of language skills is of the upmost importance and therefore the teaching of all aspects of English is given a high priority at South End Junior. All children are taught in class regardless of ability with scaffolding to support and challenge to deepen understanding. We prioritise the teaching and learning of strong grammatical skills, understanding of vocabulary and spelling in readiness for tomorrow’s world and the children’s future in the workplace. Vocabulary is key – Talk 4 Writing allows us to focus on oracy. We expect children to approach their learning with a positive mindset, leading to enjoyment within the English curriculum. Every child will leave SEJ a writer regardless of their starting point. 

Click here to view our writing long term overview. This overview is subject to change to cater for pupils’ needs and interests.


Our intent:

To follow…

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