At SEJ we believe that through studying about our past, we gain a better understanding about life today and in the future. We are able to build empathy and understanding for the differences that our ancestors experienced, and by making connections to the past, we can appreciate how our lives are now greatly improved today. Through trips out to historical places such as Duxford War Museum, children become immersed in that period of history, providing opportunities to observe historical artefacts and listen to experts within the field. Inviting local storytellers into school submerges the children with rich language and cross-curricular links with traditional oral storytelling, as well as further building the supportive network that we have within our community.   

Each project begins with a ‘BIG Question’ to spark an interest and engage the children in the learning that is to follow. The proceeding series of lessons are tailored to enable the children to answer the BIG Question, which forms part of their assessment opportunity at the end of the project. History lessons are varied to incorporate the skills of chronology, enquiry, analysis and interpretation whilst building an enquiring mind amongst children. This enables them to reach conclusions, make comparisons and identify differences about the world around them. Vocabulary is embedded throughout the lessons, through class discussions and planned activities, ensuring that the history curriculum is vocabulary rich. By the end of the project, the children will have a vast knowledge and understanding of the subject to be able to answer the BIG Question through written explanations, diagrams or presentations.

In order to provide children with opportunities to retain the knowledge that they have learned and consolidated, SEJ provides ‘Innovation Fridays.’ This is an opportunity for children across the whole school to reflect, revisit prior learning and celebrate their understanding through activities designed and planned for the children to display their skills. During these afternoons, children might construct, perform or present what they have learned from the previous project.

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