At South End Junior, we believe that Physical Education plays an important role within the curriculum. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and gives them opportunities to be active throughout the school day. There is evidence that physically active children are healthier, are ready to learn and are more likely to continue to be active as they grow into adults.

We provide at least two PE sessions a week. For one session, we follow the REAL PE scheme which focuses on core skills. REAL PE focuses on 6 key ‘cogs’: Physical, Social, Personal, Creative, Cognitive and Health and Fitness. The idea of ‘cogs’ represents that we all have multiple abilities and these all work together to support learning. Every ‘cog’ incorporates fundamental movements which are revisited throughout the school year as well as in future year groups. Every lesson incorporates skills and cardio activities. Every skill and activity can be tailored to suit a child’s confidence and age. REAL PE also teaches that we learn to compete through skill based activities as well as teaching that we compete to learn through competitive games in order to promote healthy competition.

For the second PE session in a week, we provide the opportunity for children to take part in a wide range of sports throughout their time at SEJ. Children begin to learn the key skills before applying game rules to these, and eventually play competitive games with their peers. This feeds in to competitions that we take part in within our local cluster, district and county throughout the year.

Each year at SEJ, children are provided with a block of swimming lessons which take place at our local swimming pool. Children are taught key life-saving skills as well as a variety of strokes and techniques. We strive for every pupil to be able to swim 25m competently and confidently before they move on to secondary school.

During their PE lessons, children will learn to work independently, in small teams and larger groups. They are regularly given opportunities to give peer to peer feedback, as well as receiving feedback from adults, in order to celebrate their successes and improve.

Outside of PE lessons, children are still encouraged to be active. We have a ‘Daily Mile’ track where children are encouraged to walk, jog or run three laps a day in order to complete their daily mile. Children are given opportunities to do this throughout the day and those showing a growth mindset and dedication are rewarded. At lunchtime, a sports coach runs a multi-skills activity which children are encouraged to join in with to promote and practise the skills they have been learning in PE lessons. In addition to our PE lessons and other daily activity, we also offer a range of sports clubs after school.