Hello and welcome to South End Junior School in Rushden Northants

The learning journey ignites here…

We warmly welcome you to our school and hope our website gives you an insight into life at South End Junior.

As Headteacher of South End Junior, I am very proud of our school and the achievements of our children and staff.

We strive to inspire children and encourage them to see that everyone is on a learning journey. We have built a new curriculum that engages, interests and excites our learners, whilst giving every child the skills and understanding that will underpin their future choices in learning and in life. It is these children, within this environment, that cause our classrooms to be full of creative ideas and stimulating energies while ensuring our high expectations for their achievements are met.

South End Junior School is committed to ensuring the welfare and safety of all our children in our school.

Gurdip Kaur

As a school we are very proud to say we have been awarded the Bronze award for the work that we did for the Anti-bullying Alliance. 

What’s going on?

Year Group Learning Updates

The children have been busy making short films to show you their learning methods. Click here to view.

Term Dates 2022-23 (Academic year September 2022 – July 2023)

Back to school – Mon 5th Sept 

End of term 1- Fri 21st Oct

Term 2  Tues 1st Nov

End of term 2 Fri 16th Dec

Term 3 –   Wed 4th Jan 

End of term 3 – Fri 10th Feb

Term 4 –Mon 20th Feb

End of term 4- Fri 31st  March 

Term 5 – Tues 18th April 

End of term 5- Fri 26th  May



Term 6  Mon 5th June

End of term 3 –Fri 21st  July

Training Days 22-23 Click Here


Term Dates 2023-2024

Back to school – Tues 5th Sept

End of term 1 – Fri 20th Oct

Term 2 Tues 31st Oct

End of term 2 –  Wed 20th Dec

Term 3    Mon 8th Jan

End of term 3 – Fri 16th Feb

Term 4 Mon 26th Feb

End of term 4 – Thurs 28th March

Term 5 Tues 16th April


End of term 5 – Fri 24th May

Term 6 Mon 3rd June

End of term 6 – Tues 23rd July

Training Days 23-24 Click Here

Here are our current school class spaces. To apply for a school place please contact North Northamptonshire Council 


Year 3
90 on roll
  • SPACES - 0


Year 4
89 on roll
  • SPACES - 1


Year 5
85 on roll
  • SPACES - 5


Year 6
90 on roll
  • SPACES - 0

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